10 Deleted Horror Movie Scenes You Need To See

Deleted, but not forgotten.

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Deleted scenes are like the dirty little secrets of the film world. In turn, it only makes sense that deleted scenes from horror movies the dirtiest of dirty little secrets, then, since they're the moments that have slipped between the cracks of the grottiest content out there.

There's a weird thrill to watching something that was never intended to see the light of day, that changes the context of a movie simply by existing - and like waving a midnight snack in front of a Gremlin, that just makes us seek it out even more enthusiastically.

Whether its violent scenes that were trimmed to get past the censors or the reams of needless sexy filler, the stuff that doesn't make the cut of a horror movie is usually pretty juicy, both figuratively and literally. From the most revered classics, to the shadiest cult movies, to the biggest and baddest blockbusters, there's always a few ideas floating around the cutting room floor that make for some... interesting viewing, at the very least.

So let's take a trip into the shredder and take a peep at what the horror world didn't want you to see, eh? Just bring your protective goggles as precaution...

10. The Basement - Cabin Fever

A Cure For Wellness

Eli Roth's gruesome story of a skin infection gone rogue has become a grotty little cult favourite in the years since its release, depicting a group of friends that end up suffering from a strange flesh eating illness that renders them into pulpy messes, right about the same time a load of backwoods locals attempt to kill them all. Because there's always murderous backwoods locals to contend with, even at the best of times.

Of course, a Roth horror movie is going to be packed with deleted scenes where he's gone too far, and Cabin Fever is no different. The one best suited to a must-see however is a scene that explains a plot detail that's been seemingly overlooked otherwise, where a police officer states they found a body in the basement - with no indication of who that might be.

The deleted clip reveals Paul throwing one of the rednecks under the house, so at least we know it wasn't major players in the story. You can see for yourself the extra bit of tone that the addition would have provided, which seems like a strange part to leave out.

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