10 Deleted Movie Scenes You Won’t Believe Actually Happened

9. An NC-17 Death Scene - The Dark Knight Rises

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The Dark Knight Rises may not be a film that completely shies away from some rather unsettling moments of violence - hell, Bane literally breaks The Bat's back in the final entry of Christopher Nolan's trilogy - but it once boasted a moment so chilling that the feature very nearly earned itself an NC-17 rating.

According to actor Matthew Modine, his character of Peter Foley was once set for a pretty disturbing conclusion in the film, one that was even shot on set. As many will no doubt remember, Foley is viciously killed by Talia al Ghul during the feature's climax.

However, viewers don't actually see the moment he's dispatched by the daughter of Ra's al Ghul.

This brutal moment was in fact filmed by Nolan. But the visual of Foley - or rather, Modine's stunt double - being pulverised by the vehicle and sent flying through the air, only to smack into the concrete with a sickening thud, was deemed too extreme to include in the feature.

Nolan even went as far as to tell the actor, "if he would have put it in the movie, it would’ve got an NC-17 rating because it was so violent.”

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