10 Deleted Scenes That Radically Change Famous Films

Matt Murdock spends his life living in a gangsta's paradise.


It€™'s amazing that Hollywood ever gets anything made. The whole process of filmmaking is such a shoddy mess of execs giving notes, scriptwriters and directors fighting over what should appear in the finished product, and actors giving their mostly unwarranted input.

For something even coherent to come out of such a messy, complicated and ridiculous process is a triumph; for so many of them to be good is nothing short of a miracle. Most filmmakers will tell you that the place those miracles occur is in the editing suite. That'€™s where the final vision of a project comes together, as the reams and reams of footage are cut down, reassembled and structured into a proper, watchable film. A film which, before entering the editing process, could'€™ve been almost anything, finally settles down into its final form.

With the rise of DVD and then Blu-Ray discs, with special features to fill out the extensive storage space, a lot of the shavings that wound up on the cutting room floor have been made available to audiences. And in many cases, they can affect how you view the finished movie. Here are ten deleted scenes that radically change famous films.


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