10 Deleted Scenes That Radically Change Famous Films

10. Lindsay Lohan Meets The Queen

The Parent Trap is a classic of nineties kids cinema, and not just because it€™'s allowed the tikes of its generation to grow up and make endless tired jokes about what happened to the other Lohan twin that appeared in it. Before she met the same fate that befalls all Mouseketeers Lindsay played both parts in this charming remake of the sorta-classic 1961 film of the same name, as twins separated at birth by their parents divorce, who conspire to get them back together.

For some reason the mum (Natasha Richardson) takes her Lohan back to England with her, which necessitates the young Cady Heron has to put on a posh British accent. Which, surprisingly, she does a decent job at. It€™'s a fun, silly little film, with the usual American production€™s view of filming in England. Except that view would've been even more broad and ridiculous if they€™'d included this scene where Brit Lohan meets the Queen because, well, she€™'s in London. Doesn't everyone there know Lizzy?


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