10 Deleted Scenes Which Totally Change Classic Films

9. Why Do All The Terminators Look Like Arnie?


Remember there was a third Terminator film? And a fourth one? And a TV series? And - shudder - a fifth one? Well yeah we try and block all of that out as much as we can too (we recommend copious amounts of Ouzo) (our legal department is telling us we can't recommend that, and that we might be getting a little close to libel with our opinions on the Terminator series), but there have been a buttload of appearances by the iconic titular T-800 robot, played with impeccable icy calm by Arnold Schwarzenegger. It's probably the role the former Governor Of California - oh yeah, that happened, didn't it? - is best known for.

It also makes zero sense. Why would Skynet decide to send back robots disguised as Arnold Schwarzenegger to murder the various tricksy members of the Connor family? Arnie isn't exactly inconspicuous. He's a six foot tall body builder with a broad Austrian accent. And a penchant for leather. None of which adds up to "stealthy time travelling robot assassin" on paper, and yet we've just accepted it for four films and a TV series. You've not been hitting the Ouzo, right? Well, it turns out the whole thing could have been cleared up with a deleted scene from Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines.

So there you go: the reason all the Terminators look like Arnie is because Cyber Research Systems, who later evolved into Skynet and basically secured a post-apocalyptic future for us all (jerks), modelled their new killer robots on a Chief Master Sergeant with a comical Southern accent. Then the voice came from a deceptively diminutive scientist with a cool, broad Austrian accent. So that's an explanation of the appearance, and possibly also a new person to blame for all the Terminator's shenanigans: William Cady, for being so admirably HUGE.


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