10 Directions Sony Could Take The Amazing Spider-Man 3

There's no place like the MCU, there's no place like the MCU...

The huge leak of documents and upcoming films that Sony recently suffered could end up being the greatest security breach in Hollywood history...or the greatest PR coup. Whilst the studio has certainly felt some significant losses as a result of the hack, with a handful of their upcoming big films making it onto file-sharing websites weeks or even months before they were just to reach cinemas and private correspondence and emails probably burning a few bridges, all of that info could just save the Spider-Man franchise. Financially director Marc Webb's speedy reboot with The Amazing Spider-Man has been fine, but Sony have clearly been struggling to imitate both the creative and monetary success of Marvel's own interlocking franchise of superhero films. They've been throwing out ideas left right and centre, with the films they actually made barely making it up to snuff. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were great casting, and in many ways they improved on the dive bomb in quality the last Raimi film managed, but still... There's room for improvement. Sony have promised that, but fans have remained (rightly) sceptical. Except with some of the info leaked during this whole fiasco, it looks like they might be on the right track after all. Which begs the question: why the heck didn't they just announce all this stuff officially? Who knows? Whatever. What's for sure is that the friendly neighbourhood web head is far from done on the big screen, and there's still plenty of ways he can be saved. Here are just ten directions Sony could take Spider-Man.

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