10 Directions Sony Could Take The Amazing Spider-Man 3

10. Starting All Over Again...

Well, they've done it before, so why not do it again? This isn't necessarily something discussed in those leaked emails, but it's probably come up in some meeting or another at some point. Hollywood is particularly rife with reboots, remakes and reimaginings €“ it'll be the death of cinema yet €“ but especially when it comes to superhero movies. The Incredible Hulk got a do-over with Edward Norton a few scant years after Ang Lee made a film about a big green giant smashing things an exploration of father issues. But even Peter Parker had him beat by starting over again some five years after Spider-Man 3 single-handedly tanked the whole franchise seemingly overnight. Out went Sam Raimi, Tobey Maguire and Three Stooges jokes; in came the uncannily surnamed Marc Webb, Andrew Garfield and some slightly better jokes. Even that looks to be running out of steam, however, with The Amazing Spider-Man already succumbing to overstuffed villains and bad plot twists. So what's stopping them from doing the same again? Things aren't working out, rip it up and start again. Webb and Garfield might be locked into contracts but, then, so were Raimi and Maguire. Emma Stone's already (SPOILERS) out of the picture as result of the second film. They've basically got a clean slate.

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