10 Directors And The Superhero Films They Should Make

Films like Guardians of the Galaxy don't get made with any old director.

Warner Bros.

For better or worse, Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor: Ragnarok and Batman v Superman would not have been the films that they were without James Gunn, Taika Waititi and Zack Snyder at their respective helms.

Choosing directors that complement the characters and worlds of these stories is of tantamount importance to choosing the right actors, writers, cinematographers etc. for a project, perhaps even more so (though those working different jobs in the film industry may disagree, which is fair).

This is arguably truer for superhero movies - the vast differences in setting and tone from character to character being more disparate than two different romantic comedies or war films, for example. No one could have approached Spider-Man quite like Marc Webb did, no one could have told the heartfelt yet still brutal story of Logan like James Mangold did.

Maybe I'm just being hyperbolic though.

Either way, there a lot of directors whose talents would work very well with certain comic book characters - here are ten such pairings.

Beware of tantalizing movies that studios will never even think to make ahead.


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