10 Directors And The Superhero Films They Should Make

10. David Ayer - Invaders

Marvel Comics/Steve Epting

David Ayer's last foray into the world of superheroes, Suicide Squad, may not have been the most well-received. The director has found far more success in other, more realistic ventures, such as his war movie Fury.

Thankfully then, there is a major section of Marvel canon based in the same time period and setting.

Ayer proved with Fury that war films are a genre that his skills are suitable for and his work on Suicide Squad showed that projects with more comedic and eccentric characters may not be his forte. Therefore, a Marvel Invaders movie would be perfect for him.

The characters in the group (Captain America, Namor, Human Torch, Bucky) are on the opposite end of the serious spectrum to the likes of Harley Quinn and the group's stories are practically all war ones, it's a great match.


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