10 Directors For The New Spider-Man Movie

Only these directors can bring us a truly amazing Spider-Man movie.

Spider-Man is coming home to Marvel Studios next year in Captain America: Civil War, and a solo movie dated for July 28th, 2017 will follow what is sure to be one of the most talked about moments ever in a comic book movie. Even now, it's still hard to picture Spidey interacting with characters like Captain America and Iron Man. Fans always dreamed about it happening, but the chances of those coming true always seemed slim to none. Very little is known about what's next for Spider-Man. Various outlets have reported that he will return to high school, with a greater focus on how Peter Parker balances his life as a superhero with being a teenager (something which sounds delightfully similar to the classic tales from Stan Lee and Steve Ditko tales). The "Sony Hack" emails meanwhile indicated that he will do all of this in the Iron Spider costume created for him by Tony Stark. What is known for sure is that Marvel's Kevin Feige will work closely with Sony Pictures' Amy Pascal to create a new movie with a new Spider-Man who lives in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Read that back. It's still hard to believe that this is really happening, right? A couple of names (Logan Lerman and Dylan O'Brien) have already surfaced as being possible contenders to play Peter Parker, but there's no word on who will be the one to reboot Spider-Man for the second time since his first movie appearance in 2002. Here, you'll find ten of the best possible filmmakers to usher in a new era for this beloved superhero, with everything you need to know about what makes them right for the job.


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