10 Directors Who Need To Join The DC Cinematic Universe

Because Zack Snyder can't do it alone. ...Can he?

The casting choices for the Man of Steel sequel have been admittedly strange - with Ben Affleck taking on Batman and Jesse Eisenberg set to portray Lex Luthor - and have driven a lot of the criticism surrounding the fledgeling DC Cinematic Universe. Add to that Zack Snyder's position as director of both the sequel and the threequel, the long-awaited Justice League film, and you've got a creative stew that's pretty easy to criticize. But DC and Warner Brothers can succeed if they select their directors carefully. Snyder will be directing the first three (all of which will likely come from scripts by David Goyer), but after that the universe will be set for expansion. The line will be long and perhaps populated by those passed up by Marvel for their own shared film franchise, but the only way to ensure the success of something this ambitious is to take extra care when selecting directors. It's important to reiterate that the DC Cinematic Universe is already very different than the Marvel counterpart, no matter how people try to compare the two and say one is winning or losing. Sure, there are things that we can expect to happen in the DCCU (and certain things that will never happen), but we're really basing most of the speculation on the tone set down in DC Comics storylines and Zack Snyder's Man of Steel. Now that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is well underway, the future of comic book movies rests in the hands of the new properties coming to cinemas in the next few years - here are 10 directors that DC should seek to join the Cinematic Universe, starting with...

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