10 Directors Who Could Save Dying Movies Franchises

Long-standing franchises in need of a fresh vision.


The process of making a franchise in the movie business is a tricky prospect. Making it endure and succeed is even trickier. Endless amounts of variables to consider on both the business and creative spectrum that will determine how long the success continues. Even if you excel on one side of the spectrum, any strong negative response from audiences or a lack of showing at the box office could very well spell doom for any major film.

It's never always clear where exactly these creative endeavors go wrong, but once it's deemed a failure, you won't be getting a second chance. The studio will most likely just put the series on ice for a couple of years, then look to reboot it with a completely new crew. It's rarely every fair, but it is business. Many franchises all across Hollywood start and stop almost instantaneously, while others were once successful, but ended up being forgotten amongst other blockbusters.

While some of these franchises have had a rough go of it in recent years (or have simply never caught on with audiences), a bold new leader to take them on could be all they need to thrive. A young up-and-comer who will have fresh ideas for an older brand or a veteran filmmaker who can give a developing brand some prestige. Whatever the situation, these are 10 franchises in need of defibrillation, and here are the filmmakers who can give them that spark.


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