10 Directors Who Love Movies You'd Never Expect

You won't believe what Alfred Hitchcock watched as his last movie.

Marvel Studios

Everyone has their own strange taste in movies, right? And you know that there’s that one film that you secretly love, but you would never admit it. Because it has a splat on Rotten Tomatoes. Because everyone else hates it!

Oh, but you watch it. Every time it pops up in your channel guide you are locked in! Not only that, but you also own it. You bought it digitally and you bought it on Blu-ray. You couldn’t miss out on those bonus features!

Or, maybe you do tell people you enjoy it, but only “ironically.” There’s nothing ironic about your love for this movie, though. You hear other people talk about it, and you just don’t get their criticism. Are they even watching the same movie?!

And we all know the name of this film- Fifty Shades of Grey II: Fifty Shades Darker.

Or, for you, it might be something different. But, you get the point. And, famous directors are no different. They all have movies they love that would shock and surprise you...


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