10 Directors Who Suffered The Most In 2015

Did we break Joss Whedon?

Making a movie is a massive operation with hundreds of people involved, but typically, it's the director who's individually held responsible for it's success or failure. When they deliver, everyone€™s happy and audiences will sing the director€™s praises, but if the film is no good, it can become the biggest story around. Whether through bad results, or simply bad press, this is exactly what happened to a small group of directors in 2015. In fact, it was so bad for some that they didn€™t even release a movie this year but suffered nonetheless, be it by negative hype or their removal from future projects they had lined up. It€™s unsurprising that so many of these directors were working on massive blockbusters. With smaller movies, directors have more control and it€™s less of a news story if they€™re no good. With big summer tentpoles, they€™re under the watchful eye of fans and media up until the moment they€™re released, at which point the slightest misstep can result in a huge uproar. Edgar Wright may have been caught in the biggest director controversy this year, but it€™s hard to say he suffered when public opinion is that the acclaimed filmmaker€™s departure from Ant-Man was really Marvel€™s loss. Instead, these are the most notable cases in which a director€™s year went so badly, there are now serious questions about what the future holds for them.

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