10 Directors Whose Debut Movie Ended Their Careers

One and done.

Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow

Directing isn't for everyone, in the same way that being an astronaut, or opening a little patisserie, or going outside and socialising with other human beings isn't for everyone, either.

Sometimes we have to stop and remember that there are things that will always remain beyond our reach, no matter how hard we try.

There are some film fanatics out there so determined to become movie directors that they actually found a way to do it, only to late realise that they totally sucked and should stop forever, or somebody else realised that they totally sucked and made them stop forever...

10. Joe Alves - Jaws 3-D (1983)

Jaws 3d

Joe Alves sounds like a cool guy. He probably takes his family on awesome vacations, says funny things at barbecues, and isn't afraid to tell amusing anecdotes about that crazy time he somehow ended up directing Jaws 3-D.

No offence to Mr. Alves, who is now in his 80s and continued working in the industry doing other odd jobs 'til 2000, but man... what were you thinking when you delivered this bucket of chum, Joe?

Not only is Jaws 3-D the worst movie in the incredibly dodgy Jaws canon, but it's the kind of movie in which - having seen it - you casually mention to your friend that "the person who directed that movie should never be able to direct anything ever again."

We're not usually lucky enough that such sweeping statements actually come true, but in this case it thankfully did.


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