10 Directors Whose Debut Movie Ended Their Careers

9. Bo Welch - The Cat In The Hat (2003)

Cat In The Hat
Universal Pictures

Of course they hired a guy named Bo Welch to helm the Cat In The Hat movie, because hiring somebody with a name that didn't sound like one that Dr. Seuss himself made up would have been totally insane.

Unfortunately for Mr. Welch, his first and only venture into the realms of directing wouldn't prove itself to be all that great.

The Cat In The Hat is godawful, cemented by the fact that Bo was nominated even nominated for a Razzie for his efforts. In the aftermath of such a calamity, Bo has gone back to doing what he does best, which is not directing movies. He's actually a production designer by day, though, and has worked on movies like Thor and Men In Black 3 since, but also Space Chimps, which is your go-to movie for monkey puns, if you're into that sort of thing.

All we can say to Bo, then, is: keep not directing, and we look forward to you not directing anything else in the future.


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