10 Directors Whose Debut Movie Ended Their Careers

8. Pitof - Catwoman (2004)

catwoman halle berry.jpg
Warner Bros.

If you hire somebody who calls themselves "Pitof" to helm your latest big-budget movie blockbuster, you deserve all the bad press, negative reviews and lost revenue that comes to you.

Pitof - blagh - worked in visual effects before some hip new executive presumably thought he should realise his talents with a comic book adaptation. Catwoman was technically his second movie, but since his first - Vidocq - was never released outside France until 2007, I'm counting Catwoman as his debut.

It was an unmitigated disaster, of course, and is frequently cited as one of the worst movies ever made. Rumour has it that another human being has never spoken to Pitof since it got released, and he hasn't ventured back to directing movies ever since.


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