10 Most Disappointing Movies Of 2013

WhatCulture presents: all those movies that had you shaking your head in disappointment in 2013...

The levels of hype associated with movie-going in this day and age have hit something of a breaking point: no longer is it possible for a movie to land in cinemas without people knowing pretty much everything about it - we're not just talking about the synopsis and cast members, here... we're talking detailed plot points, cameos, everything but the kitchen sink. There's no mystery to be had with the watching experience anymore - it's entirely possible, in this internet-dominated era, to feel like you've seen the latest blockbuster even if you haven't. And with all that hype, of course, come expectations of the highest order. Even now, when we're all told how good a movie is and how to feel about it before we've even had a chance to see it (it never used to be quite so bad, did it?), our expectations are reaching arguably disastrous levels. The build-up period to each and every major Hollywood release is so gargantuan and packed with marketing campaigns and promotions that it's nearly impossible to actually feel satisfied or surprised when the final product eventually rolls around. We simply know too much. This creates an environment where it's easy to feel disappointed, and "disappointing" might well be the best word to use when describing this year's haul of long-awaited Hollywood flicks. Sure, we probably expected too much in the first place, but given the attention that was lavished upon the following 10 movies, and the levels to which we hoped and prayed that they'd make our dreams come true, it's no wonder that they didn't meet our high standards. Whatever the reason, here's our picks for the 10 most disappointing movies of 2013...

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