10 Disgraceful Actor Egos That Ruined Movies

The lost art of humility.

Warner Bros.

It pretty much goes without saying that actors are a tad more ego-prone than the average Joe. When the world exalts you at every opportunity it’s easy to let the adoration go to your head, not to mention a rather inflated ego is probably quite useful in protecting actors from all the intrusion and negative attention that also comes with being a big name star.

But some actors out there take it too far, quite frankly, rocking up to film sets and issuing diva-like demands and throwing tantrums and just generally being rather unlikable. In polite Hollywood speak, these actors would be referred to as ‘difficult’ but let’s not beat around the bush here and call them what they really are – absolute pains in very specific anatomical regions.

And sometimes going on like a prima donna bitch can seriously affect the quality of a movie, as is the case with the forthcoming films. Now, that's not necessarily to say that these out of control actor egos are the sole reason these films turned out so poor – indeed, even if their stars had been on their best behaviour they still may have flopped – but they certainly didn’t help.


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