10 Disney Movies With Completely F*cked Up Morals

7. Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs - Trust Every Stranger


There’s a fair few similarities between Snow White and Cinderella (and a lot of other Disney princess come to think of it) in that they largely and passively depend on magical beings and handsome princes to save them, but while Cinders was a bit of a daydreamer Snow White is – to put it bluntly – naïve to the point of needing a bit of common sense shook into her.

The pale-skinned, raven-haired beauty is so unquestioningly trusting that she accepts whatever is offered to her. That includes shacking up with seven dudes and becoming their unpaid maid, taking a poisoned apple off a creepy old hag or falling in love with the first guy she sees after awakening from a year-long coma despite only clapping eyes on him once before (and not to mention he’s a bit of a rapey necrophiliac, making out with Snow White while thinking she’s dead).

Whereas we’re generally taught to keep away from strangers and definitely not take food off them, Snow White tells us to naively accept any stranger’s advances.


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