10 Disney Movies With Completely F*cked Up Morals

6. Song Of The South - Slavery? What Slavery?

song of the south
Walt Disney Productions

Despite the KKK, lynching and the fact that slavery had only been abolished just a few years prior, Song of the South would have you believe that relations between black and white people in post-Civil War Georgia were just fine and dandy... So much so in fact that a freedmen decided to hang around at the plantation that enslaved him for years to dish out sage advice to a bratty white child via twee songs.

Like Pocahontas, Song of the South takes one of the darkest periods in American history and Disney-fies it into something far more appealing and pleasant by suggesting that the issue of racism and slavery was solved pretty much instantly when many an American news headline of late will tell you that’s far from the truth even today.

Even though Disney seemingly didn’t realise what offensive, racist trash Song of the South was for quite some time, to their credit they haven’t re-released it in cinemas since 1986 and to date the movie has never been officially released on video or DVD in the USA.


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