10 Dumb Decisions In Star Wars We Can't Forgive

Whose idea was it to bring back Palpatine again?


Star Wars as a multi-platform brand might objectively be the most divisive form of pop culture ever conceived. For over forty years, it has been an imprint on epic nerd culture and for better or worse, has defined and inspired so many childhoods across the generations that it is truly wondrous to behold.

From films to video games and all the way to festivals and themed weddings, there is almost nothing fans won't rejoice and enjoy about these epic sci-fi films.

But that's not to say it's been perfect. Over time, cracks have started to show in the Stormtrooper armor that is Star Wars canon and no matter how much fans try to justify or explain the lore to themselves, we have to throw our hands up and admit that there are some decisions filmmakers have made that just don't sit well at all.

Some of them don't make sense - others are embarrassingly ham-fisted. And then there's a handful of choices that are SO contrived, that fans have to wonder if maybe the creators themselves secretly had beef with the series.


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