10 Dumb Decisions In The DC Extended Universe We Can't Forgive

10. What The F*** Did They Do To Doomsday?

Warner Bros.

Zack Snyder is a hardcore comic book fan, so his decision to completely redesign Doomsday is nothing short of baffling. The villain is iconic, and his deformed appearance is one that really doesn't need to be changed in the transition from page to screen. After all, it's not like the version we saw in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was somehow more realistic or grounded in reality.

The decision to make Doomsday a transformed General Zod was undeniably clever, but there was no real reason for the monster responsible for killing Superman to suddenly look like one of the cave trolls from The Lord of the Rings.

He looked more goofy than gruesome, and Snyder dropped the ball in a big way by taking the villain down this route. Did it ruin the movie? Well, no, but it certainly made that battle with Superman a little less memorable from a visual standpoint, and Doomsday somehow ended up being even more widely ridiculed than the whole "Martha!" debacle.


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