10 Dumb Decisions In The MCU We Can't Forgive

The MCU may appear to be flawless, but we can't forgive these major mistakes...

DeviantArt (HarleyQuinn645)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the highest-grossing franchise of all-time, and these days, it feels like they can do no wrong. Producing hit after hit and crowd-pleasing movies which the majority of even the superhero-hating critics love, it's no wonder that a lot of fans out there believe this shared world is nothing short of perfect.

While it's undeniably great, the MCU has made some noteworthy errors since being launched back in 2008, and it's those we're taking a look at here. Box office records have been broken and crossovers we never thought we'd see have taken place, but these monumental mistakes overshadow those in many ways.

From creative decisions which made absolutely no sense to behind the scenes decisions which have negatively impacted what we see on screen, the MCU is, in fact, far from perfect. Honestly, these screw-ups are downright unforgiveable, and the fact Marvel Studios has made decisions this dumb is honestly hard to believe.

Heading into Phase 4 and what looks set to be an entire new era of storytelling on the big and small screens, we can only hope that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige and company learn from these, because the still awesome "Infinity Saga" could have been even better had these dumb decisions not been made...


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