10 Dumb Movies With Genius Plot Twists

When stupidity meets genius.


It goes without saying that a plot twist can either make or break a movie: get it right and a good film becomes great, but get it wrong, and a lousy twist can derail two hours of storytelling and character work in one fell swoop.

Then there are those rare stupid movies which manage to rustle up an ingenious, deceptively smart plot twist totally out of nowhere.

Though these movies are largely defined by their low-effort writing and braindead storytelling - sometimes intentionally so, to be fair - audiences were nevertheless blindsided by these genuinely smart, thoughtful, and surprising plot twists that came wildly out of left-field.

They might not necessarily save the entire movie, but they do at least prove that there was a kernel of creativity somewhere within the filmmaking process.

Ultimately, these twists are as effective as they are precisely because they represent such a sudden burst of clever storytelling in otherwise dumb, popcorn-munching movies.

In each case, these twists caused viewers to perk up and start paying attention in movies that were otherwise just aiming to please the lowest common denominator...

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