10 Dumb Movies With Genius Plot Twists

9. The Final Battle Was A Premonition - The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2

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Given that the Twilight movies were adaptations of Stephenie Meyer's existing fantasy novel series, nobody was expecting them to deviate much from the prescribed story, especially considering how rabid the series' fanbase notoriously is.

But screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg pulled off a WWE-worthy swerve in the franchise's final entry, Breaking Dawn - Part 2, an ingenious narrative turn in an otherwise inane conclusion to the series.

The film's third act builds towards an epic final battle as the Cullens, the other vampires, and the werewolves team up to take on the evil Volturi.

What follows is a shockingly brutal fight scene which veers entirely away from the book, with numerous devastating, unexpected casualties scored on both sides, leaving fans practically hyperventilating with anxiety.

But after the audience witnesses Volturi leader Aro (Michael Sheen) killed, the shoe drops: we've actually been watching a premonition of the impending fight, as shown to Aro by Alice (Ashley Greene).

This is enough to convince Aro that the battle isn't worth the cost, and as in the book, he leaves without any further incident.

Considering how infamously anti-climactic the book's ending is, this was a brilliantly devious way to deliver an action-packed finale, albeit one which doesn't actually need to stick.

Fans were thoroughly trolled, and for those 10 agonising minutes, they truly thought that the series had betrayed them at the finish line.

If you dared watch this movie in cinemas opening weekend, you'll no doubt remember the literal shrieks of terror from tweens en masse as they watched the hunky vampires get thoroughly dismantled. Glorious stuff.

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