10 Dumbest Decisions Ever Made By MCU Villains

9. The Ten Rings Gave Tony Stark Everything He Needed

Scarlett Witch Doctor Strange
Marvel Studios

The entire Marvel Cinematic Universe kicked off with Tony Stark being attacked and kidnapped by the Ten Rings organisation on the orders of Obadiah Stane. If they were in any way competent in what they were doing however, there wouldn’t have ever been the chance for there to be an Iron Man at all.

While held against his will in an Afghan cave, Tony Stark was told to build a makeshift Jericho Missile. He gave his captors a list of materials needed and got to work, knowing full well they would have no idea whether he was making the missile or not.

He worked unsupervised, without anyone even trying to check on what he was doing, allowing him to build the Mark I Iron Man suit with relative ease. They literally provided him with everything he needed to build a suit of armour that could and would allow him to escape.

This even evolved into the suit he would use to head back to Gulmira and destroy what was left of the group that attacked him. Had they just killed him like Stane hired them to do, they would still be alive and swimming in Stark Industries money.


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