10 Dumbest Decisions In DCEU History

What could possibly go wrong if we kill Superman?

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Even in the dark and gritty Snyder-verse, as well as the brighter, more Marvel-esque movies of the DCEU, superheroes have been for the most part revered. The topic of Superman was highly divisive for a while, but ultimately they are seen and treated as heroes.

You have to look no further than young Freddy Freeman, an extreme case certainly, for how beloved superheroes can be. However, that certainly doesn’t make them perfect, and they are prone to a mistake here and there. But a mistake is one thing, while pure stupidity is another entirely.

Along with whatever powers a hero has, even if it just being rich, you would tend to think at least a passable amount of intelligence would go hand in hand with them, but that’s not always the case. Whether a lapse of judgement in the heat of a moment, a strange choice that may have at least had the best interests at heart, or some things that are damn near beyond explanation, there has been no shortage of dumb decisions in the DCEU.

This isn’t even exclusive to just heroes. The so-called super villains can be just as idiotic, even to the point of their entire evil plan being utterly stupid. It seems no one is safe from a dumb decision or two.

10. Aquaman Let Black Manta's Father Die

Superman Batman Dawn of Justice
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Though it’s not a strict rule that every superhero follows, killing and allowing the deaths of even their enemies is generally frowned upon. Though most heroes will have killed at some point, usually out of necessity or self-defence, they would generally avoid it where possible. Aquaman was different, however.

After stopping a group of pirates, he left with Jesse trapped on a sinking ship with no way of escape. He could have helped and saved his life relatively easily, but as the criminal had just taken innocent lives himself, Arthur decided against it.

Though the whole ‘eye for an eye’ thing is an understandable stance to take in such a situation, it’s not really very heroic. He let the man die with his son only able to watch and do nothing, achieving nothing but making himself an enemy for life.

Though Black Manta didn’t actually cause Arthur Curry too many problems in Aquaman, his alliance with Dr. Shin will likely lead to a stronger version of the antagonist in The Lost Kingdom, and could seriously put Aquaman, his loved ones, and Atlantis in general in a huge amount of danger.

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