10 Dumbest Decisions In Werewolf Movies

9. Revealing The Pregnancy - Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans

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The action horror franchise has seen plenty of dumb decisions (some of them by the filmmakers themselves; who decided that wall-crawling Lycans was a good idea?!), but by far the stupidest decision came in 2006’s sequel, Rise of the Lycans.

Lucian, the OG Lycan played by Michael Sheen, falls in love with the daughter of vampire king Viktor. This wasn’t the best idea in itself, as Lucian is a slave and Sonja is a vampire princess – but it gets worse when they sleep together and Sonja falls pregnant.

Sonja is imprisoned when her father discovers she aided Lucian’s escape from the castle with a group of enslaved Lycans, and in an attempt to bargain for her life, Lucian reveals her pregnancy to Viktor.

A very, very bad move on Lucian’s part.

A furious Viktor is shown to be heartless enough to kill his daughter, as Lucian is forced to watch Sonja burned alive when she is exposed to sunlight. This sparks the centuries long war between vampires and Lycans, all due to Lucian’s stupid decision.


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