10 Dumbest Decisions In Werewolf Movies

A whole bunch of howlingly terrible decisions feature on this list.

Doctor who werewolf

We’ve covered a fair few ‘dumbest decisions’ lists on WhatCulture, from slashers to zombies, but there’s one corner of monster movies that rarely get covered.

Werewolf films, despite the monster being an early staple of the genre, are often overlooked unless they’re one of the greats. However, there’s a whole pack of fun and scary werewolf movies out there that just need a little bit of love.

As with other horror movies, they are also chock full of terrible choices. And surprisingly, there’s far more than the obvious ‘getting bitten by an animal and dismissing it as a dog attack’.

So... let's sink our teeth into them, shall we?

10. Unprotected Sex - Ginger Snaps

Doctor who werewolf
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This werewolf flick from 2000 dared to do so many different things. For starters, the main monster was in fact a teenage girl – using lycanthropy as a metaphor for sisterhood, female sexuality and puberty.

When Ginger (who most definitely does do some snapping in the film) gets bitten by a werewolf, she becomes more aggressive and sexually active. As well as sprouting a tail of course. As she becomes more interested in the hanky panky, she seduces and sleeps with her classmate Jason.

Whilst this isn’t outwardly a problem, it’s revealed that they didn’t use protection and thus Jason gets infected with the beastly curse. Perhaps seen as a metaphor for sexually transmitted diseases, this endangers Jason and spreads the curse around the town of Bailey Downs.

Luckily, Jason is cured of being a supernatural furry, but the point still stands: unprotected sex is never a good idea.

Always wrap before you tap guys, especially if there’s a werewolf involved.


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