10 Dumbest Decisions Made By Final Girls In Horror Movies

These Final Girls had some major lapses in judgement.

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The Final Girl is one of the prototypical components of a horror movie - particularly slashers - with audiences conditioned to expect them to be smart, resourceful, gutsy, and maybe even a little badass.

Most Final Girls do indeed earn their survival through their intelligence and cunning, but that doesn't mean they're flawless either - sometimes they're still guilty of profound stupidity that leaves the audience screaming, "What the HELL are you doing?"

These Final Girls range from all-timer legends to ones you'll scarcely remember, and while most at least made it to the end credits in one piece, that's not true of all of them.

Whether they lived, died, or their fate was left ambiguous, these robust leading ladies traded their signature intellect for momentary bursts of plain idiocy, to the point that you might've questioned whether they actually "deserved" to live at all.

These decisions didn't only endanger their own lives but made the entire situation a whole lot worse, and in extreme cases even got other people killed. Nobody's perfect, but these Final Girls didn't always display the cool-headedness we typically associate with such characters...

10. Heather Doesn't Read The Letter Until The End - Texas Chainsaw 3D

Scream 2 Hallie

The seventh entry into the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise kicks off with protagonist Heather (Alexandra Daddario) traveling to her recently deceased grandmother's home in order to claim her inheritance.

Upon arriving, she receives a letter from her grandma's lawyer which, despite his repeated urging, she doesn't bother reading.

Soon enough Leatherface (Dan Yeager) surfaces at the house and starts hacking away at anyone in his vicinity, resulting in the deaths of Heather's friends and also her boyfriend Ryan (Tremaine "Trey Songz" Neverson).

Only at the end of the movie does Heather finally bother to read the damn letter, which reveals that by inheriting her grandma's home she also inherited the responsibility of caring for her cousin, Leatherface, who lives in the home's secluded basement.

Needless to say, had Heather just read the letter when the lawyer told her to before entering the house, she would've known everything, probably thought twice about going inside, and as a result prevented a whole lotta death.

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