10 Dumbest Movie Plot Twists Of 2015

Skynet is an app now. Deal with it.

Once the reserve of thriller auteurs and horror up-and-comers hoping their hack-n-slash will make an impact, twists are becoming an ever-more-present part of big budget, mainstream cinema; nowadays it's not too surprising for a $200 million plus blockbuster to build itself sudden narrative upheaval, rather than audience-pleasing explosions. Part of this is that the legacy success of nineties classics (Fight Club, Se7en, The Sixth Sense and, of course, The Usual Suspects) means audiences appear to be able to handle things getting a little less predictable, but the main reason is that with so much of Hollywood's output is built around pre-existing properties, studios feel the need to shake things up just to be relevant. And, after the gritty reimaginings of the naughties, that's brought us to a 2015 where wrong-footing the audience after they're in the cinemas is all the rage. Some of the twisting and turning has been great (check out The Gift for a film that doubles-down on this and really pulls it off), but many attempts have fallen more than a little flat. And so here we are with the ten stupidest twists from 2015 movies.

Honourable Mention: The Universe Is DNA - Jupiter Ascending

Here's a twist so fumbled you probably didn't even notice it. At the end of the Wackowski's latest "It's been how long since The Matrix" exercise, as you were rushing for the exit to tweet about how awful Eddie Redmayne was (very), a rip-off of Men In Black's own "part of a bigger thing" ending played, wherein it's revealed our solar system lines up with these greater galactic blueprints that make up some form of DNA strands. Mystical? It's dumb, but not any more than the film it caps off, and is actually a damn-sight more interesting than that whole reincarnation gumbo. As so few people noticed it, it doesn't quite make the list proper, but it can't go by without a shout out.

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