10 Easily Avoidable Deaths In Sci-Fi Movies

Lethal lapses in logic don't just happen in our world.

Deep Blue Sea
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Sci-fi can be more captivating than any other genre. It provides the perfect realm for filmmakers to use familiarities from our world against us by pushing one element of our reality over the edge. At its best, it can thrill us and keep us guessing while pondering the most fundamental questions.

But at its worst, it can be disastrous. Half-baked or convoluted plots aren't uncommon; they often try justifying nonsensical action or excuses for yet another sequel. Yet, we film fans keep coming back for more in our endless pursuit of finding the next one to rave to our mates about.

Of all the sins sci-fi commits, there are little less infuriating than a stupid character death. Films like these can ask a lot from audiences to keep up with in terms of plot and detail, the least we ask for in return is not to have our intelligence insulted by making us accept insane lapses of logic by the characters we're following.

We get it, deaths need to happen at times for dramatic or storytelling purposes, but please treat them with the same respect that you expect us to give to your film. And these are the times where they really should've done better.

10. Keep Your Finger Off The Trigger - Andrew Fassbach (World War Z)

Deep Blue Sea
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Low as it may be, zombie films still have a bar to clear some bar to be considered believable. But, for the most part, World War Z gives a good account of itself in this area. Aside from one crucial moment, though, which lets it down.

At this point, humanity pinned all hopes for a cure on virologist Dr Andrew Fassbach. So, he heads to South Korea along with Brad Pitt's Gerry Lane and some military personnel. All armed and anticipating an attack from their flesh-eating antagonists, Gerry instructs Andrew to keep his finger off the trigger. That's sound advice, as it's an essential rule to uphold if you want to carry a gun safely.

Did the doctor follow this advice? Of course not. He starts running away in panic before slipping and falling over, shooting himself in the head in the process.

You could almost forgive this stupid decision, maybe as an attempt to demonstrate the importance of gun safety. Or, perhaps, how manic situations lead to irrational actions from even the most intelligent people.

Either interpretation, however, isn't quite enough to justify a death that somehow rendered a doctor more brainless than the zombies he was trying to cure.


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