10 Embarrassing Movies Actors Don’t Want You To See

Just because they starred in it, doesn't mean they have to like it.

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It's hard to find an actor that doesn't have at least one credit they aren't proud of.

In the cutthroat land of Hollywood, it's not uncommon for big name actors to be contractually obligated to star in movies they have no faith in, nor is it unheard of for actors to make major miscalculations in a film's chances of success.

Usually this isn't something that actors make public - after all, slamming a movie that they've appeared in is a good way to alienate not only your audience, but potentially Hollywood's casting agents and producers, too - but every so often a movie so bad or an actor so upset comes along to break that golden rule.

Whether they were unhappy with the working conditions on set, the ineptitude of the filmmakers, or just the existence of the project in general, here are 10 movies that embarrassed their stars so much that they publicly declared their dislike for the finished product and actively tried to put people off of watching them.

10. Garfield/Garfield: A Tail Of Two Kitties – Bill Murray

Gi Joe Rise of the Cobra
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Garfield's (mostly) live action big screen outing in 2004 hinged its moderate success on Bill Murray's attachment to the project as the titular Monday-hating feline.

Murray has since gone on to share his true feelings about the movie, even referencing it as possibly his only worldly regret in his cameo in Zombieland.

It has since come to light that Murray only ever agreed to voice the character after believing he would be working for someone else.

Joel Cohen, known for writing such cinematic classics as "Cheaper By The Dozen" and "Daddy Day Camp", shares his name with one half of the famed Coen brothers, Joel Coen.

That lone H proved to be a sore subject when Murray discovered that the acclaimed writer/producer wasn't attached, and the movie was instead being written by an entirely different man with a remarkably similar man.

During an AMA on Reddit, Murray opened up about the process of making Garfield, where he very professionally detailed his uncomfortable experience in voicing the character, and dismissed the movie and its sequel as a pair of "miscarriages". Yikes.

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