10 Emotional Movie Scenes That Will Make You Cry

The tickets for these movies should have come complete with a hankie or three.


It's fair to say that one of the key things that brings us back to the movies time and again is the emotional responses they provoke. Sometimes they thrill us, frighten us, make us laugh, make us gasp - and, now and then, they might even make us cry.

Naturally, there will be plenty of readers - cocksure manly men, for the most part - who will deny that any film will ever bring them to tears because they're just too damn tough and masculine.

However, there's a lot to be said for being in touch with your emotions; studies have suggested that being able to cry at a movie is a sign of being a "more empathetic, sociable and generous" human being.

All that having been said, there's also no question that sometimes Hollywood goes out of its way to squeeze tears out of its audience in a manipulative manner. Very often it's a hollow display of sentimentality, sometimes it's wildly misjudged and can only result in unintentional mirth; surely no one cried anything but tears of laughter at the end of Pearl Harbor, right?

But when the movies get it right, when they hit you just where it hurts, those teardrops are bound to come falling thick and fast. Here are 10 such movie moments certain to inspire that very reaction.

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