10 Most Entertaining Fight Scenes In Comic Book Movies

The creme-de-la-creme of super-powered ding-dongs.

20th Century Fox20th Century FoxPick up a mainstream superhero comic book and it€™s likely that roughly a quarter of any given issue will be occupied by a lengthy fight. The public appetite for superheroic beat downs hasn€™t diminished since Superman was punching Nazis in the war years, and now that it€™s spilled over onto the silver screen, each summer brings more contenders for the most entertaining fight scene of the comic book movie era. The scenes in this article aren€™t necessarily the biggest or the loudest, and most aren€™t the final showdown of the film; they aren€™t out to pack an emotional punch or tie up narrative loose ends. Instead, they€™re a showcase for creativity in dialogue and action, and often they€™re the scenes which€™ll be remembered once next summer€™s crop of adaptations rolls around, even if the film as a whole failed to impress. Like every popular genre, comic book movies can be formulaic, but that doesn€™t mean they aren€™t capable of breathtaking originality. These are the scenes which made you smile like a little kid in a sweet shop with some pocket money to spend, and with any luck, they still do.

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