10 Essential DC Villains Not Yet Used In The DCEU

9. Vandal Savage

Darkseid DC Comics
DC Comics

Vandal Savage is somebody who’s caused a whole lot of chaos for a whole lot of people over a whole lot of years. Seriously, as in this is a fella who has been around since the days of the cavemen.

After coming into contact with a strange meteorite, the caveman once known as Vandar Adg became immortal and super intelligent. Taking on the Vandal Savage name, the character has since lived through every major event in history, using the knowledge obtained from these trials and tribulations as a form of research that gives him a one-up on whomever he goes to battle with.

What makes Vandal Savage unique from the DCEU's perspective is that he could feasibly be dropped into any and all DCEU movies, mainly due to the fact that he’s faced off with pretty much all of the finest heroes that DC has to offer.

If there’s ever another Justice League movie down the line, Savage would be a great ‘big bad’ to have pulling the strings.

Then again, his rich history and the fact that he’s lived for centuries means that he’d be a prime candidate to square off against Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman should Wonder Woman 1984 get a follow-up.


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