10 Essential Movie Scenes Only Available In Extended Cuts

8. 'Why This Girl?' - The Exorcist: Version You've Never Seen

sarumann lord of the rings
Warner Bros.

When most people talk about The Exorcist's alternate version - the rather ridiculously named 'Version You've Never Seen' - discussion almost instantly goes straight to the infamous spider-walk. And yes, that scene is great in its own right, but there is arguably another scene that feels a lot more essential to the film's themes and story.

During the titular exorcism, there's this rather sobering exchange between Father Karass and Father Merrin that really does add a lot more heft to the film. Whilst the pair take a short break from the horrors of Regan's bedroom, their discussion soon turns to why Regan of all people is being possessed.

They come to the conclusion that whatever evil they're facing wants them to question their faith, making them wonder what kind of God could allow such an innocent young girl to be corrupted in such a vile way, however, this only serves to solidify their determination to overcome it.

In the theatrical version, this scene plays in pure silence, giving it a somber tone, but with these extra portions of dialogue, we truly feel the weight of the situation and gain some insight into what both men are thinking at this moment in time.


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