10 Essential Shows You Need To Watch On Disney+

It isn't all just singalongs.

The Mandalorian

There are a LOT of streaming services out there, and while Disney was always going to be able to compete with its direct competitors like Netflix thanks to its monopoly over the two biggest franchises in the film industry, it takes more than just Marvel and Star Wars to attract casual audiences. And while Disney's flagship franchises have perhaps inevitably make this list, even the biggest MCU fans need something different from time to time.

While the platform does feature Disney Channel classics like Hannah Montana, Jessie, and Kim Possible, a wealth of family friendly creations and the best in modern day animation, there's no reason to think Disney+ is just for kids or families. Disney's streaming service really does have something for everyone, with more than enough content to get you through a rainy day or week.

But, like any streaming service, there's a fair bit of fluff and filler out there and a fair few shows you're better off avoiding. Luckily, only the best have made this list.

Covering a range of classic cartoons, exciting documentaries and contemporary masterpieces, here are the ten best shows airing on Disney+ to keep you entertained during quarantine.

10. Marvel Runaways

The Mandalorian
National Geographic

When people are asked about the MCU's television outings, they probably think of character-centric serious shows like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage. Baffingly, none of these shows have made it onto Disney's streaming service yet, but the often looked-over Runaways ensures Marvel fans are treated to all the MCU content they can handle before Phase 4 seriously starts rolling out.

Expertly bridging the coming-of-age and superhero genres, Runaways follows six teens from different walks of life as they rebel against their parents, who they discover to be part of a criminal supervillian organisation known as the Pride.

Featuring a cast full of human-alien hybrids (Virginia Gardner as Karolina Dean), Wiccan witches (Lyrica Okana as Nico Minoru) and even a genetically engineered dinosaur (Old Lace), Marvel Runaways is an action-packed superhero melodrama which should make it onto anybody's watch list.


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