10 Essentials For A Deadpool Movie

Deadpool-blindbandit92-tamar20-31552919-1920-1080 Last week saw the release of Deadpool: The Video Game, and while many a fanboy will certainly enjoy the calamity and violence of everyone€™s favorite armed mercenary€™s first ever solo electronic jaunt €“ or bash it to no end online €“ one can€™t help but think of that Deadpool movie we were supposed to have seen by now. From rumblings beginning in 2004 to us being promised the damn thing eventually in 2009, the comic lovin€™ community has been waiting patiently for Wade Wilson to invade the silver screen, but it just hasn€™t materialized yet. And yes, I€™m aware someone calling themselves Wade Wilson showed up in the abysmal X-Men Origins: Wolverine. This despite having a star who loves the character. And a director. And a script that a lot of people actually got around to reading already online. With any luck, if the game peaks enough interest and makes enough of a splash €“ of blood no less! €“ the ever-stalled wheels of the Deadpool movie might start moving again. But if they do, they need to move forward the right way.
What does a Deadpool movie need to be epic instead of epic-failure? Well, since you asked, I€™d say it needs...

10. The Right Villain

Let€™s face it €“ a superhero movie is only as good as the villain the hero has to face, and for the potential Deadpool movie we€™re all salivating to see this fact is exponentially true. I mean, would any of Christopher Nolan€™s Batman movies have had the impact they had if Bats was fighting Cesar Romero€™s Joker, or the €˜roided-out Bane from Batman and Robin? The answer is probably not. A hero€™s quest is defined by the villain they face, and a Deadpool movie needs to attend to this. Part of the problem that such a movie may face is that Deadpool doesn€™t exactly have the most recognizable rogues gallery in comics €“ I mean, T-Ray? C€™mon, the man doesn€™t even have a Wikipedia article. If the Merc with the Mouth is going to assassinate the box office, he€™s got to have an adversary that not only poses a credible threat to a kick ass assassin that can heal from anything, but also has the wow factor to have a real presence on the screen. Because chances are he€™s not going to really be an A-list Marvel villain. But that€™s not necessarily a bad thing. Imagine Wadey going toe to toe with Taskmaster on the screen? Or the goons from Weapon X, which apparently kinda is the plan. Or re-creating one of his epic bouts with Bullseye on the screen? You don€™t necessarily need a top tier villain for the film to fly, so long as it€™s a villain done right. But you know, it€™s not enough to just have the right villain. A killer Deadpool movie also needs.....

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