10 Exact Moments A Character Messed Up In A Horror Movie

When a mistake can cost you your life, you'd think a character would think things through!

Drag Me To Hell

People know when going into a horror movie to expect the characters to make a mistake; you need conflict to create some bloodshed, right? You sit there, with your popcorn propped up in your lap, judging the decisions of everyone who crosses the screen, internally shaking our heads and assuring ourselves that we'd do something different.

What does Sidney say? A girl runs up the stairs instead of out the front door... it's insulting! The movies are aware of their own inner conflicts and they're doing nothing to slow down the moronic-ness of their characters.

This year alone we've had a group of frisky teens throwing a party in an abandoned warehouse while a serial killer roams the streets in Freaky. People repeatedly calling out to a murderous urban legend in the Candyman reboot, and kids hooking up instead of hiding from unkillable, possessed murderers in Fear Street.

But some mess-ups are worse than others, and this list curates the best (or worst) of the most enraging, mind-numbing character choices in recent history.

10. A Quiet Place - A World Without Batteries

Drag Me To Hell
Paramount Pictures

Regan is a deaf girl on the edge of her teens when the aliens invade earth, rampaging her homeland and killing pretty much the entire population. But what was her disability in the old world is now her family's strength when it quickly becomes apparent that the monsters hunt by sound.

That's where we originally meet the Abbott family: a while into the invasion, efficiently adapted to the new world order, communicating only in sign language and walking barefoot on pathways of sand. But for the youngest member of the Abbott clan, Beau, it's a little harder to understand.

While out scavenging, Beau finds a toy rocket that dad, Lee, grabs just in time before its obnoxious sound effects start. Ripping out the batteries, Lee returns the toy, but before the family leave the store to go home, Regan slyly returns them, smiling with good intentions at her younger brother while shushing him.

Unfortunately for big sis, this turned out to be the worst decision possible. Poor Beau clearly didn't understand the severity of that shush, because at the first opportunity he switched that bad boy on.

The family look on with horror as Lee rushes to his youngest to try and beat the monsters to him, only to be too late. And we quickly see the realisation fall on Regan's face: she's made the biggest mistake of her life, and she's killed her brother in the process.


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