10 Exact Moments A Character Messed Up In A Horror Movie

9. The Babadook - Not The Right Story

Drag Me To Hell
Entertainment One/IFC Films/Icon Productions

The whole world has participated in storytime at some point in our lives, whether as a child or an adult doing the storytelling, and I think therefore we can all agree on one thing. If a book turns up on your bookshelf and you have no idea how it got there, you don't read that book to your child... you start asking questions.

"Where has this book come from?", "did you bring it home from school?", "did a stranger give it to you?" etc. etc. You wouldn't just start reading the thing! And you certainly wouldn't continue reading when the creepy pop-up book starts to make you uneasy.

Yes, how was Amelia to know the extent of her mistake? We see the argument all the time that we cannot expect our horror movie characters to know that they are in that kind of film and to act accordingly. But, even without the awareness of the horrors you are about to bring forth, as a mum, you really wouldn't read aloud a creepy book that you hadn't bought.

Because of Amelia's mistake, her small family becomes haunted, possessed and isolated by The Babadook as he attempts to rip the two apart in his sick way for the rest of the movie.


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