10 Exact Moments We Knew Movie Characters Were Doomed To Die

Obvious? Yes. Any less emotional? Hell no.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2
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It goes without saying that horror is built around watching characters get offed in gruesome fashion, but every genre from comedy to crime understands the power of a truly good death sequence.

Often times when it comes to delivering one of these, it's a case of the more surprising the better. After all, everyone remembers the volatile cocktail of shock and despair they felt watching Leonardo DiCaprio's undercover cop get capped unceremoniously in The Departed, or being blindsided when Drew Barrymore exited Scream in the intro despite being the top-billed star.

However, despite how hard they try, movies aren't always great at hiding the fates of their characters. Often, whether it's foreshadowing that's a bit too obvious, cliched cinema tropes that have reared their head or simply and intentional hint left in by the filmmakers, audiences can sometimes pinpoint the exact moment where they realised a character was doomed to die.

This doesn't always take away from the drama of the eventual scene, but all the following movies featured a specific moment that telegraphed a demise to come.


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