10 Most Exciting Films Premiering At Toronto Film Festival 2014

Ten most promising films from the most Oscar buzzed film festival of them all.

The Toronto International Film Festival just released their lineup for this year, and it looks like there are going to be a lot of really interesting entries. Long a prestigious launching pad for independent films that would go on to earn serious critical acclaim and/or Oscar buzz, having your film premiere at Toronto is always a pretty big deal. Major distribution deals are born there, which allows particularly good films to be shown in theaters around the world, getting access to a wider audience. Over the past few years, other film festivals have begun to premiere films a bit earlier, when they would normally make their debut at Toronto -- many of the screenings this year actually debuted at Cannes or a handful of other elite film festivals. But Toronto reserves the spotlight for the films being screened for the very first time at their event, and only world premieres can be shown during the first four days of the festival. Of those, there are ten that stand out as seeming particularly promising, either for their premise or the talent involved, and we eagerly await hearing about their reception. At least a few of them will likely be brought up later this year when Oscar season roles around.

10. Before We Go

What It's About: This is a NYC-based story, about two people who have a meet-cute situation in Grand Central Terminal. That's happened to us before, if by a "serendipitous meeting", you mean watching two hobos get into a fight and having a rat run over your feet while you're waiting for the 10:36 train to New Haven. Anyway, they spend the night at the train station together, and develop a close bond. Based on the (admittedly brief) description, it sort of feels a little bit like a modern day version of An Affair to Remember. Why You Should Be Excited: Chris Evans' directorial debut. Chris Evans' directorial debut. Did we mention that this is Chris Evans' directorial debut? He's gone on the record saying that after he's done with his Avengers contract, he'd like to retire from acting and start working as a director. And sure, every actor on the face of the planet has said that at one point or another, but this is our opportunity to see if he's actually any good at it. He's also starring in the film, so if you're jonesing for a little Chris Evans when he's not clad in spandex and upholding American values (although why would you?), this film might be a solid option. Alice Eve costars, so also...there's that.

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