10 Excuses Actors Used For Blowing Major Movie Auditions

8. John Krasinski Was Intimidated By Chris Hemsworth's Physique - Captain America: The First Avenger

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The Role

Steve Rogers aka Captain America, a frontline member of The Avengers who has appeared in seven Marvel Cinematic Universe movies to date, as played to perfection by Chris Evans.

The Audition

While he was still working on The Office, John Krasinski auditioned for Captain America, and in an interview with Graham Norton spoke about the excruciating audition process.

Though he insists he was a fringe choice for Cap, he actually got far enough along to try on the Captain America costume and perform a screen test.

Krasinski said that the audition fell apart when he encountered Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, on the studio lot while putting the costume on.

The scantily clad Hemsworth, bulging muscles and all, greeted Krasinski and immediately made him realise he wasn't nearly the physical specimen necessary to play Cap.

Though he ultimately did go through with the audition, his confidence had clearly been knocked by crossing paths with Hemsworth, and the part eventually went to Evans.

A few years later, however, Krasinski got into phenomenal shape for the 2016 Michael Bay film 13 Hours, so don't count him out of the superhero game entirely yet, especially as he's expressed his willingness to play Mister Fantastic in the MCU's upcoming Fantastic Four movie.


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