10 Expensive Movies With Budgets That Spiralled Out Of Control

They cost a lot more than they were supposed to, but are they any good?

Hollywood is becoming increasingly reliant on its blockbuster output to generate box office dollars, so much so that it comes as a pleasant surprise when a low or mid-budget feature breaks out and scores commercial success. Unfortunately, this doesn't happen very often, which is why audiences are continually bombarded with big-name franchises during the summer months. These expensive projects are frequently given a budget of $100m or above, but sometimes that still isn't enough. Whether it be on-set rewrites, production delays, extensive reshoots or studio interference, there are plenty of Hollywood blockbusters that can't keep their budgets under control, and this article will look at ten of the main offenders. Sometimes, adding a few extra dollars onto the budget can ultimately enhance the final product, but more often than not it is a desperate attempt to save a movie that everybody knows isn't going to be particularly great. As you would expect, the list is dominated by box office disappointments so read on to find out how more often than not a spiraling budget can often be the death-knell for a potential blockbuster. Would any of these movies have benefitted from a smaller budget? Or were they just doomed from the start? Are there any other movies that you would have included? As always, sign off in the comments below.

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