10 Extreme Horror Movies That Try To Break Their Audience

4. Be My Cat: A Film For Anne

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Run for the hills Anne Hathaway.

In Be My Cat: A Film For Anne, an amateur Romanian filmmaker, inspired by Anne Hathaway's performance as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises, decides to make a film for her in hopes of winning the actress's affection.

Be My Cat is a movie that is so uncomfortable it becomes unbearable. The interactions between the filmmaker and everyone else are cringeworthy to the point where it feels like you're listening to nails on a chalkboard every time he speaks.

Moments of torture and murder, of which there are several, become even more sickening than they normally would be because of his childlike demeanor. Even while committing immensely heinous acts of violence, he does not see what he is doing as wrong, treating those he is harming as nothing more than toys for his enjoyment.

According to the film's trivia section on IMDB, after watching some of the footage, an executive producer went out of their way to check in one of the actresses to make sure she was okay because her abduction scene was so realistic. When said scene hits, you'll find yourself unable to blame the guy.


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