10 Extreme Horror Movies That Try To Break Their Audience

3. Tokyo Gore Police

Angst movie
Sony Pictures

This one requires an apology in advanced before talking about.

In a dystopian Japan, lifeforms known as Engineers whose bodies are infected by a virus that turns them into bio-mechanical monsters have begun terrorizing the city. Ruka, a member of the Engineer Hunters, is tasked with bringing an end to the chaos.

Japanese cinema is no stranger to insanity, just take a look at previously mentioned Takashi Miike's or Sion Sono's filmography for examples. However, this particular movie amps the weirdness up to a level that breaks the scale. You will see some sights in Tokyo Gore Police that will simultaneously both boggle your mind and have your brain malfunction in trying to process even just a fraction of the visuals.

Underneath all the guts and gore is a smart movie about the dangers of authoritarianism. Though getting to that message involves falling down a rabbit hole of more nightmare fuel than you can shake a stick at.

Take the scene in the sex club for example where a man gets his penis cut off and it's replaced by a literal cannon. It might sound funny, but it is far from comical... okay, maybe it's a little funny. The woman who has knives for limbs however is not.

This is movie magic at its most grotesque.


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