10 Extreme Movie Scenes That Left Stars Scarred

9. Shattered Glass Causes Life-Changing Injuries - Incident In A Ghostland

Eliza Dushku Wrong Turn
Radar Films

New French Extremity director Pascal Laugier made a name for himself in the horror community with 2008’s intense and terrifying torture drama Martyrs. A brutal piece of existential horror, the film managed to push the boundaries of onscreen violence long after the so-called torture porn trend seemed to have pushed horror as far as it could go.

But the director soon fell out of favour with his flat, plotty Hollywood debut The Tall Man, and by 2016 he was something of a one hit wonder.

What really put an end to his screen career’s prospects, though, was a lawsuit from one of the stars of 2016’s Incident in a Ghostland.

A gory, boring torture horror, this psychological horror was hardly worth the pain of its creation. Star Taylor Hickson sued the filmmakers when one scene became far too extreme and left her face permanently altered.

The actor suffered severe facial scarring when a plate glass window she was supposed to hammer her fists against shattered, a disastrous accident with far-reaching implications for her life and career which soon overshadowed this underwhelming film.


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