10 Failed Movies That Should've Been TV Shows

9. Dredd

Hellboy  2019

Dredd is a very good movie, it just wasn't a successful one. It made less than half as much money at the box office as the infamous 1995 Sylvester Stallone vehicle despite being ten times better, but has since gone on to find life as a cult classic.

Pete Travis' comic book adaptation didn't catch on with audiences, and if the project was being developed today the argument could be made for taking it directly to the small screen. TV shows based on comics are everywhere now in the age of Peak TV, and pairing the veteran Judge Dredd up with a rookie partner creates a strong dynamic between youthful exuberance and a title character than initially seems virtually impenetrable on the surface.

There has been a TV series in development for a few years now titled Judge Dredd: Mega City One that reportedly focuses on a team of Judges, but taking the bare bones concept of the 2012 movie and expanding it into a gritty police thriller with buddy elements that sees Dredd and his partner building a bond as they battle crime and corruption in a lawless world would be a much more interesting approach.

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